Rivers & Lakes - Metal Bioavailability Assessment Tool (M-BAT)

This method statement provides guidance on the use of the metal bioavailability assessment tool (M-BAT) for practitioners involved in monitoring, assessment and classification using the new EQSbioavailable that have been developed for a number of  metals under the  Water Framework Directive (WFD). The document and tool covers copper, zinc, manganese and nickel.  

Lead is not included in the M-BAT tool as it is not a full bioavailable EQS. The EQS for lead is an EU standard under WFD. It takes into account the influence of DOC on the toxicity of lead but, unlike the full bioavailable standards for zinc, copper, manganese andnickel which are included in M-BAT, it does not require theconsideration of calcium or pH.  A tool has therefore been developed for lead to enable the consideration of the influence of the DOC.

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