UKTAG Work Programme

UKTAG work priorities 2014-2017

UKTAG’s high level work priorities over the next year and beyond are designed to address concerns about some of the existing standards, gaps in our understanding of the relationships between pressures and ecological impact where we may be subject to challenge, and interlinkages between Natura protected areas and WFD.  The work priorities also aim to look at likely future issues, develop guidance on national measures and investigate an integrated catchment approach. 

It is UKTAG’s aim that all of the items in the table are undertaken over the next 2-3 years, with the latest deadline for standards work being late 2016 / early 2017 in order to feed into the 3rd river basin planning cycle.  Some items will be fast-tracked to address gaps in our understanding of impacts this cycle, for example ecological tools sensitive to the impact of water resources pressures and a lake fish classification method.  Given the potential changes in staffing levels, on-going checks will be made throughout this period with regards to staff resources for the work.  This work programme has been signed-off by the WFD UK Administrations Group.  

Work Programme 2014-2017

Work Programme 2012/13


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