UK Environmental Standards and Conditions Report (Phase 1)

This is a technical report that presents the first set of environmental standards and conditions proposed by the UKTAG to underpin the implementation of the Directive. Our report outlines the background to our proposals and describes the role they could play.  Our report defines environmental conditions that we think will support healthy communities of aquatic plants and animals. This draws on new work to develop biological methods and classification. These standards will help focus efforts to protect the water environment.  Our report covers standards for water quality, and for water flow and water levels. It also proposes a system for assessing the structure and condition of the beds and banks of rivers.Content includes standards for:

  • BOD, DO, ammonia, pH, phosphorus in rivers
  • DO, conductivity, acid neutralising capacity, total phosphorus in lakes
  • DO, DIN in TraC
  • Water resources standards in rivers and lakes (% change from natural flow conditions, % change in annual water level range)

Also chapter on risk assessment tool for morphology (MImAS)  

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