Specific Pollutants Proposal

The United Kingdom’s Technical Advisory Group on the Water Framework Directive (UKTAG) is developing environmental standards for the Directive. This is a technical report by the UKTAG intended for an audience that is familiar with how water quality standards are set and used. It outlines the UKTAG proposals and describes the role the proposals could play. The proposals would help focus efforts to protect the water environment.This report is an update of a version issued for consultation and it takes account of the comments from the consultation. The report will be sent to the administrations of the devolved governments, and to the environment and conservation agencies. The UKTAG expects that the final standards will be used to help develop policy, and to guide the Directive’s first cycle of River Basin Management Plans.The approach to the adoption and implementation of proposals like those of the UKTAG might vary for each country within the UK, depending on present and proposed legislation, and on policy in each country. This is a matter for Ministers to decide; it is subject to the normal policy-making considerations of the administrations and their agencies. Some of these agencies have been designated as Competent Authoritiesunder the legislation that transposed the Water Framework Directive into UK law.

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